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About Us


At Total Care Chiropractic we don’t just use big words and offer fancy services that don’t do anything to help you. We’re a hands-on clinic that believes in digging into the history of our patients to provide them with the best care possible. Sure, lots of practices boast this, but dare we say, put us to the test.

Whether you’re searching for relief from lower back pain, severe headaches or simply in need of some guidance on living a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to get you where you want to go. More importantly, we want to help you maintain that life full of good health and vitality through a personal treatment plan all within a comfortable setting.

Dr. Kendall Gearhart will meet with you one-on-one concerning your personal needs and health history, and decide how to move forward with our most effective treatment options and services. Each person is unique, so your care plan will be customized to meet your unique health and wellness goals. Let’s get started!

“If you are offered a free or discounted examination or service at our office based upon any coupon, gift certificate or advertisement, you have the right to rescind within seventy two (72) hours any obligation to pay for services performed in addition to this free or discounted service. This offer does not apply to federal insurance beneficiaries.”