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Natural Healing Services

    • We focus on bringing physical balance to the body, supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. The amazing results and miracle testimonies that bring so many people to our clinics can be attributed in large part to the very special techniques we use in chiropractic care. From infants to the elderly, we deliver a level of service that is unmatched in our area and the field.
    • If you have been involved in a car accident, your injuries need to be taken very seriously. We are the go-to auto accident chiropractor for Northern Kentucky and have helped many individuals recover from auto accident-related injuries. Our staff understands the complexities of personal injury cases and we take great pride in managing them very thoroughly.
    • Need help kicking some of those bad habits? Maybe you’re having trouble focusing at work. We have the perfect solution. Our stress relief therapy is a simple technology that works to recharge your mind and relax your body. Patients rave about improved sleep, increased energy and even reduced stress after using this life-changing therapy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and full of anxiety, call us to improve your quality of life with Stress Relief Therapy.
    • Spinal health is at the center of everything to do with chiropractic care and emerging techniques, such as spinal decompression therapy, is yet another safe, non-surgical treatment option to relieve pain naturally.
    • A massage is more than just going to the spa for the day to get your feel-good fix. This is actually a therapeutic technique that is effective in achieving balance within your body.
    • Your full body well-being is our number one goal when you walk through our doors. That’s what we hope to achieve not only with our regular chiropractic care plans but also through nutritional counseling and personal lifestyle coaching.