Even after achieving rapid and sustained success with chiropractic treatment from Dr. Gearhart, I was still initially skeptical of the claims made in the Chirothin pamphlet but was intrigued enough to explore further. I obtained more info from Dr. G and watched a video on the Program. It made sense to me so I signed up! I had significant weight loss after just 1 week which motivated me all the more. After 6 weeks on Chirothin Program – eating healthier store-bought food, and sticking to the recommended portion sizes and daily water quantities I lost 40 pounds. And I never felt hungry – It was the easiest thing I have ever done! Seven months later, I’m keeping the weight off by using what I learned on the 6 week program. I have added exercise a couple of times per week to tone and build muscle – not lose weight.
I heartily recommend the Chirothin Weight Loss Program for a quick, safe and effective weight loss in just 6 weeks. It worked for me.

Alan P., Alexandria