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Pro-tips for your first consult

Since this is a chiropractic office, no prior preparations are needed for a patient.

However, if you have an x-ray, MRI, or other doctor reports, we encourage you to bring them to the office or send them to us prior to their visit.

Our front desk email is

Online forms – First-time patients

If you’re a first-timer, please download and fill out the following forms. You can either send them to our front desk email ( or print them and bring them with you to your first consult.


New Patient Form

Chief Complaint Form - HPI

Quality of Life Survey

Knee Pain

New Patient Form

Quality of Life Survey


New Patient Form

Quality of Life Survey

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Chiropractic care covers many aspects of your health. The team at Total Care wants to you feel your best and we have the program to do that for you. Don’t wait, call us today to take those first steps to optimize your health.

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There is a reason why your body experiences pain, and we want to find that source and relieve it. Book a consultation with us to learn more.